About Us

Axminster Health & Wellbeing Centre is a non profit making, community based charity that promotes health and wellbeing.  Aided by a team of professionals and volunteers, the Centre inspires a wider understanding of the benefits of a healthy mind and body, by supporting people's physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Registered Charity No. 1064307. 

Gift Aid Registered - please complete a Gift Aid declaration form if you'd like to make a donation


Our library has a broad range of books which reflect the therapies practised at the Centre. We also have other texts on subjects linked to self-help and to health and wellbeing.

One to one, free, friendly and flexible reading tuition for adults with Read Easy. Contact Sheila Abdy  sheila@readeasy.org.uk



The colourful and peaceful garden is open throughout the year for visitors to enjoy the relaxing and fully enclosed space.