Therapy of the Month

Bodywork and Massage

Are you suffering from injury, chronic pain, stress or anxiety, or do you just fancy a lovely relaxing massage?
Louise offers a full range of treatments that can help to relieve your symptoms and allow you to really unwind, or try to get to the route of a problem
- always looking beyond your symptoms.
Louise uses a holistic approach and combines modalities where appropriate.Therapeutic Massage, incorporating mobilisations and stretches (where appropriate), is deeply relaxing as well as effective at helping

the body re-balance itself and relieve pain and muscle spasm.
Deep Tissue/Remedial Massage focuses more on specific areas of tension and injury,  and as the name suggests, works into the deeper layers of muscle. 
Myofascial Release can be either incorporated into a Massage treatment (although this would mean taking an appointment time of at least 60 Minutes) or can be a standalone treatment, depending on your needs. 
Scar Tissue Release, as the name suggests focuses on scars! Scars are formed during the body's natural healing process after surgery or injury. The collagenous (denser) fibres of the connective tissue adhere together quickly in order to protect the body. However, these denser fibres can cause adhesion within the facial network (connective tissue) often deep into the internal tissue and create restrictions, often causing seemingly unrelated pain. It is easy to forget that there is often more to scars than we can see on the surface of the skin - often
the injury or incision site
goes a lot deeper.
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