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Gemma Norris

Myofascial Release Reiki and Advanced Clinical Massage

As a Remedial Bodywork Therapist, for me to be able to help my clients to find health and wellbeing mind and body, I firstly  need to understand WHY they are in pain, what the primary cause is and follow the trail and pattern of restrictions within their body.  

With quiet listening hands, I follow these adhesions through the fascia which envelopes and holds our musculo-skeletal, visceral and nervous system from beneath our skin down to a cellular level.   

Connecting and following the fascia web of the body draws me into the adhesion(s) to its point-of-ease and by continuing this direction and holding the body, it allows my hands to connect deeper. Through further listening to the body it communicates whether the restriction needs to be elongated and opened by movement away from its point-of ease, or to remain held within its fulcrum of comfort. 

Following and listening to the dance of the tissues the adhesion softens and releases, often feeling like the body has melted giving a sigh of relief. The client may experience this release through; taking a deep breath; feeling the pain and discomfort release and dissolve away; feel a wave of warmth or heat rise through their body and they may also feel emotional as the body holds and stores unresolved emotions.